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Root Canals


Inside the tooth is a fine space called the root canal.

The root canal contains the dental pulp which consists of nerves and blood vessels. If the dental pulp becomes diseased or dies a toothache or an abscess may occur. In the past these problem teeth were extracted but now there are treatments offered to care for these teeth.


Why is root canal treatment necessary?

Root canal treatment is most often needed for the relief of pain. A number of conditions can lead to irreversible damage of the dental pulp.

  • Decay
  • Deep fillings
  • Trauma
  • Tooth fracture
  • Infection

Sometimes there is no apparent cause.


What happens during root canal treatment?

  1. An examination with x-rays special tests to assess the health of the dental pulp and surrounding tissues. Sometimes it is quite difficult to identify which tooth is the cause of the pain.
  2. Usually a latex sheet called a rubber dam is placed around the tooth to isolate it from the mouth
  3. Access to the root canals is gained by drilling a hole through the top of the tooth
  4. The root canal is measured for length and then cleaned and shaped with fine dental files. The root canals are also washed with sterilising solution.
  5. The root canals are then sealed near to their tip with a permanent filling.
  6. The tooth is then restored back into useful function.

Is root canal treatment painful?

Local anaesthetic and modern painkillers are used to provide comfortable treatment. Usually painful symptoms improve once treatment is started.


How successful is Root Canal treatment?

The treatment may take several visits to complete with temporary fillings and dressings placed in the tooth between visits. If the root canals are able to be fully cleaned and sealed and the tooth properly restored then treatment has a very high success rate.

At Macleans Dentist, we use a rotary machine that clears the canal more effectively than the manual method. This state-of-the-art equipment ensures a higher success rate.